The tournament will consist of 2 rounds of 2 Ball Best Ball Stableford, 1 round of 2 Ball Ambrose / Scramble  and 1 round of 2 Ball Aggregate Stableford;

2 Ball Best Ball Stableford

After completing each hole, both partners determine their stableford score and record the highest score. You must record both the stroke and stableford points score for that player on the card. If both players have equal points scores on a hole, then the player who holed out first has his or her score recorded. Write both players names on the left side of the scorecard. The point scores are totalled for each nine and then for the full round.

2 Ball Ambrose / Scramble

Ambrose / Scramble Team Handicap – Add both handicaps and divide the total by 4. For example {10+21=31} then divide by 4. This teams’ handicap would be 7.75 Tee Shots – A minimum of 7 tee shots must be used for each player. (Breach of rule = 2 shot penalty). The marker must record the initial of the person whose tee shot is selected for each hole.

Through The Green – Place a marker within 30cm of the selected ball. The player whose ball has been selected must play first and must play the ball as it lies (cannot touch the ball). The playing partner must then place their ball within a club length of the marker and in a similar condition as the selected ball (i.e. fairway, rough, bunker). Breach of rule=1 shot penalty.

On The Green – Place a marker within one putter head from the selected ball (no nearer the hole). Play is in any order, tap in putts permitted.

Scoring – Always play ball until you hole out. After adding the team’s gross score deduct the team handicap – for example (74-7.75=66.25 nett) This nett score will be converted to stableford to keep consistency in scoring for the four day overall result. Par for the course is 72 and a team score of nett 72 will equate to 36 stableford points. A nett 66.25 is better than par by 5.75 strokes and will be awarded 41.75 stab points. Calculate your nett score and we will convert to a stableford score.

2 Ball Ambrose / Scramble Aggregate

Both players play an individual stableford event (individual scorecards). Tournament organisers will add the 18 hole stableford scores for both players to obtain an aggregate score.

Entry is open to all male and female golfers with an official handicap.

Tournament divisions (A,B,C):
Mixed Divisions (max. h’cap 36 men; 45 ladies)
Ladies only (max. h’cap 36 men; 45 ladies)
Men only (max. h’cap 36 men; 45 ladies)

In partnership with GOLF Link (Australia) and International Golf Associations, the tournament committee will review the 6 month playing history of all entrants. The tournament committee reserves the right to amend player handicaps. Read More About Handicap Verification and what you need to do.

For the enjoyment of all players, field sizes will be limited and marshalls will monitor pace of play.

Over US $10,000 in prizes and lucky draws will be given away at the gala presentation dinner.